A & R Seasonal Items

Father’s Day

If you haven’t gotten a gift for your favorite Father, be he your father, your grandfather, your uncle, or just a great father you love, you can find probably hundreds of possibilities at A&R. So get there and find the perfect gift for that guy!

Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, May 14 this year, you can find hundreds of gifts for that special mother in your life, be she mother, daughter, aunt, sister, grandmother, or someone like a mother to you, or even a mother you admire! Pictured here are a very few possibilites: applicances, picture frames, mirrors, lidded containers, and flower arrangements. You’ll have to visit A&R to see the myriad of possibilites as gifts.

Valentine’s Day



When Christmas approaches, A & R has almost anything you need. Pictured are wreaths, tree decorations, and gift bags. There are also dozens of different kinds of toys and other gifts.