Assistance for Mr. Belize 2013 - Rigo Vellos

All text and images in this article courtesy of Lincoln Eiley of Corozal Realty.

For the past six months, George and Sue Paoletti have been going to the Lotus Gym in Corozal to train with Rigo Vellos.  Last  October they went to Belize City to support Rigo in the Belize Body Building Championship, and to everyone's delight,  he won Mr. Belize.

The Paolettti’s stated that they had never met a body builder before and imagined them to be rather cocky and full of themselves.  Rigo is the exact opposite; he is a quiet, gentle family man with a passion for body building.

Rigo Vellos is from Corozal Town and has been offered the chance to compete in the Hercules Olympia competition on May 1, 2013 in Colchester, England.  It would be a dream come true for him to compete internationally, and the Paoletti’s stated they really want to help make that dream come true by raising US$4000.00 to pay for his airfare, hotel and food.  They urge the Corozal community to assist this noble cause for one of their own.

If you are able to do so, please make a donation via Paypal or credit card on his website.

No amount is too small - every dollar counts!

If you would like to make a cash donation, please go to the Lotus Studio Gym on 5th Avenue, next to Al's cafe.

Story by Sue Paoletti of the United Kingdom



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