Quarterly Report by Corozal Police Formation

All text and images in this article courtesy of Lincoln Eiley of Corozal Realty.

Pictured above are Officer in charge of Corozal Police Andrew Ramirez and Henry Menzies, President of Citizens Coalition For A Better Corozal.

The Corozal Police formation under the command of Superintendent Andrew Ramirez held a most successful town meeting last night at the Andres Campos Civic Center. The meeting was chaired by Henry Menzies, President of the Citizens Coalition For A Better Corozal. Even though the turnout was quite disheartening, the topics and statistics discussed were very much enlightening to those in attendance.

A detailed account of crime from the period October 2012-December 2012 which covered the first quarter under his command was presented. A more detail account of crime statistics was additionally presented for the first quarter of the year January 2013-March 2013. Though crime generally went up, serious crimes were notably down from the previous quarter.(Crime was down where compared to crime for the first quarter of 2012.)

The meeting was opened with the singing of our national anthem and the invocation of a prayer by Reverend Duncan. In his prayer Rev. Duncan prayed for the recovery of good health of two mothers who are currently recovering from illnesses. Special invited guest and Regional Commander of the Northern Districts of both Orange Walk and Corozal, Sr. Superintendent Joseph Myvette stated that the role of his authority is to build capacity between the Orange Walk Police and the Corozal Police formations. Superintendent Andrew Ramirez gave a detailed account and explanation of the current crime statistics and Corozal’s way forward.

Although the community turnout was a bit disappointing, many issues were noted and will be acted on immediately. The newest neighborhood watch group from Santa Rita was acknowledged and assistance will be rendered to them for a better and effective watch group. Members of the community expressed concerns over vagrancy, public drunkenness, public urination and the unauthorized use of parks and public places for parking of RV’s. RV’s are mobile homes used by tourists to travel around the world.

Projections: During the months of May and June, the Corozal District will be having its village council elections where the Police is directly responsible for security. The Officer in Charge implores on leaders to work together for the safe process and to guide their supporters in not creating any disruption of this democratic process in our beautiful country. It will be the formation’s responsibility in continuing ensuring citizen safety. Supt. Ramirez also implores on business persons not to condone the Police in neglecting their duties either by offering them alcoholic beverages whilst in uniform or any other illegal acts.

Supt. Ramirez stated “My intent is to have the next quarterly meeting on July 23, 2013 at the same time and place”.



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