Ferry Closings

All text and images in this article courtesy of Lincoln Eiley of Corozal Realty.

Commuters to and from the villages of Progresso, Copper Bank, Chunox, Little Belize, Sarteneja, including developments as Progresso Shores, Progresso Heights, Cerros Sands, Orchid Bay, etc. will be inconvenienced by the closure of the ferry service commencing tomorrow Tuesday, August 13th, 2013.

No official notice has been given to the general public by Public Works but operators of the Corozal/Progresso ferry have confirmed to us that they will be commencing repair works on the top of the badly decayed deck. The Corozal Daily has received numerous complaints of the ferry being unsafe to both human and vehicular traffic and people have been reported falling in and getting severely hurt in some of the crevices and holes that exist (on ferry from Corozal to Progresso), especially at night.

Commuters to and from these areas including those in Corozal Town will have to take the long ride down to Orange Walk up through San Estevan and up to these villages.

While this inconvenience may take as long as two to three weeks, similar work is underway on the Leguna Seca (Copper Bank/Chunox ferry). This morning the Corozal Daily was on site to follow on the progress there and the supervisor told us that work is scheduled to be completed for that ferry perhaps mid-week next week. The closure of this ferry has been on-going for over a month now and commuters from Chunox, Sarteneja, and Orchid Bay have had to use the cut-off road to Progresso Village through Little Belize.

— Courtesy of Corozal Daily (Sometimes)



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