Flooding Halts Sarteneja Buses

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Buses No Longer Able to Drive to Sarteneja

Sarteneja, Corozal District, 13 November 2013 — According to residents of Sarteneja, buses from Orange Walk to the village have been dropping commuters of at a point where the road is impassable due to rising flood waters. Women, children, and students are being left to wade back to the village under some treacherous road conditions. We were informed that some smaller children have been falling into the muddy water due to the long distance they have to walk to reach the village.

Residents who contacted the Corozal Daily last night have expressed their frustrations since no authority, including NEMO, has contacted them to assist in mitigating their diminishing situation.

Most of the traveling to Corozal Town is currently being done by boat, which has become very expensive for villagers and residents.

We are asking NEMO and the relevant authorities to immediately look into this serious matter affecting the daily lives of our Sarteneja villagers.



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