Preschoolers Parade for Child Stimulation Month

Mar 4 – Corozal Preschoolers Parade for Child Stimulation Month – For the past twenty-seven years, preschoolers have marked the beginning of March with a parade through the streets, promoting early childhood education. Yesterday, that tradition continued countrywide, as the activities for Child Stimulation Month got underway. The events planned for the next thirty days are tailored to encourage parents, not only to enroll their children in pre-school, but to actively support them in that important period of development.

The Ministry of Education wants to create awareness in the general public so people can know the importance of sending their pre-school aged children to pre-school. It is very important that at a very young age our children be stimulated since that is the time in the child’s life when the brain is rapidly developing. The Corozal Daily congratulates all the efforts made by our teachers to educate our children of Corozal. Power to the teachers in the struggle.



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