Mexico/Belize Bi-national Meeting

Oct 4 - QUINTANA ROO, Mexico and BELIZE hold VIII Bi-national Meeting. The bilateral agreements seek to strengthen the fight against transnational crime and establish a new and healthy outlook between the two borders. Governor of Quitana Roo, Mexico Roberto Borge Angulo spoke of his country’s continued willingness to strengthen the bonds of friendship that exist with the Belizean people.

Belize CITY BELIZE, BELIZE, 3 of October. - The Government of Quintana Roo reiterated its commitment to protect the common border shared with Belize against illegal activities of organized crime and to establish new joint strategies in the matter of prevention to the health and protection of the environment.

On behalf of Governor Roberto Borge Angulo, the secretary of the State, Gabriel Mendicuti Loría affirmed at the VIII Binational Meeting Mexico/Belize that “the quintanarroenses seek to strengthen the bonds of friendship that have historically united us with our neighboring country”.

The Secretary of State re-affirmed to the secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, José Antonio Meade and his colleague Foreign Minister of Belize, Wilfred Peter Erlington, that he will seek to strengthen his country’s friendship and ties more than ever and that every day to build a harmonious and productive relation.

He emphasized that the Governor of the State, Roberto Borge Angulo’s objective is to see that Quintana Roo and Belize continue to strengthen their common bonds and strategies to protect the border that both country’s share against illegal activities of the organized-transnational crime and other delinquencies.

Mendicuti Loría also stated that the bi-national meeting determined that certain controls against vectors and prevention of epidemiology patterns will be applied to the new strategies, after the alert world-wide alert of by chicungunya, measles, polio and Ebola.

In regards to the environment, he indicated the need to clearly reduce to the signs of contamination to the Hondo River and the protection of the ecosystems of the Corozal and Chetumal Bay which are sanctuaries to the manatees, as well as the common protection to preserve our Meso-American Barrier Reef.

During the bi-national encounter, the Secretary of State confirmed that Quintana Roo endorses all the utterances and guidance that the foreign policy of President Enrique Peña Nieto manifests, in the matter of international collaboration.

He conclude, “We support the work that the President of the Republic carries out because we are conscious that to better Mexico, it is also necessary to be players in this modern world”.

It is worth mentioning that accompanying the delegation of Quintana Roo, that took part in the VIII Binational Meeting between Mexico-Belize, was the local state’s secretary of Social and Indigenous Development, Ángel Rivero Palomo; the under-secretary of Political Development of the Government's Secretariat, Iván Hernández Pacheco and the under-secretary of Planning of the Tourism Sector, Raúl Andrade Angulo.

The preceding was translated from Spanish from an article published by Manuel Jesus Villanueva Enriquez, Othon P. Blanco, Chetumal, MX.

If there are any errors in translation, we take the blame for it ...

— Lincoln Eiley, Corozal Daily

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