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We have many opportunities for advertising on Regular listings in our business and services directory are free.

We are in the process of moving all our business oriented content on to this, our new sister website, That will be our directory, real estate, and websitos. There will be links from current locations on that will take users to new location on Nothing should be "lost".

Listing - Free - Name of Business

Descriptive Line - May be up to 3 categories
Phone number(s) and email address
May be up to 5 lines total

You may send the information for your free listing on the form on our contact form.


All our listings now have a mini-page, accessed by clicking on the small magnifying glass icon on the right. For regular listings, this will include only the information in the listing. Other types of entries, Listings Plus and Premium Listings will have more on this page. That information is in the description of the type of listing. Each mini-page has a number, which can conveniently be used on advertising, business cards, etc. For example just typing "" into the address bar (without quotation marks) on your browser will take you to the mini-page of MCD Genuine Art.

Listing Plus

A one time charge - name in larger text and bold
This entry will include a google map which will appear when icon is clicked on. Descriptive line - may be listed in up to 3 categories
Address and phone number(s)
Email and/or web address with link
This information will all appear on the mini-page for the business.

For prices for the advertising below, see this page on Pricing.

Premium Listing

Large and Colored Text
Small image on listing, design cost included with ad
One line of descriptive text
Up to 4 more lines text of your choice
Address and phone numbers
Expanded mini-page
Email and/or web address with link; Locator map and mini-page with up to 3 images you provide
Short paragraph with slogan or other information
Small image on listing may link to a website or your Mini-page

This also allows businesses that do not have a regular web page to advertise their Mini-page for a web presence.

Banner Ad

Banner Ads are those on the right side of most of the more than 200 pages on and on all the pages of Ads appear randomly. For ads to appear on the home pages (also random), there is an additional cost..

You get a Premium Listing in the Directory, with everything listed for Premium Listings. A click on the image will take the viewer to your web page (websito) if on, or to your own website.

Everyone who has a banner ad will be getting double your money's worth, because we will be putting the banner ads on both our site and our site!


This is like your own little website that is hosted on

It can be designed to your liking, and can be more than one page. You can have a simple address to use, as

We will list your email address, or use a address like and we will have email to this address automatically forwarded to an address of your choosing.

The advantage of having a websito instead of your own website is that you do not have to pay the additional cost of setting up your own site or pay for a domain name.

The cost of designing the websito will depend on the complexity of the design. We will be happy to discuss a websito with you.

Other advantages: you will be listed in the navigation on the left on, and you get a free banner ad.

For an example of a websito, click here.

Web Sites

If you would like to have your own website with your own domain name (web address) we will happy to discuss that with you. We can help you get your name, and we will happy to host it for you. Design cost will depend on complexity of site and work entailed in setting it up.

For the web services listed above, when you purchase one, it will include all the perks of the previous types. For example, if you purchase a Websito, you will receive a Premium Listing in the Directory and all that it includes, and a free banner ad on all pages on and except the home pages.

Real Estate Listings

The Real Estate section of is completely separate from the listings above and the Corozal Directory. A real estate listing in a specific location is $50 Bz per year, you provide the images and the text. You can have up to 8 images. If you would like more, it's $10 for 4 more images. In setting up the listing, one hour of work is included in the cost. Additional time, if needed selecting or editing images, will be $30 an hour which is also the cost if you would like for us to take pictures and write text.

Note: We have been doing since 1997, and in 2013 we moved our business oriented content here to our sister site, We want to make both sites valuable resources for the people of Corozal Town and the Corozal District.

You can contact us, Jan or Judy Wilson, by calling us in Corozal, 422-2646. Or you can email us:
Email for advertising or content, or
Email for technical comments or questions.

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