Our Websites

Following is a list of most of the websites we have designed and currently manage. For each one there is a small screenshot of the home page, and a QR barcode that would be useful if you have a smartphone with a barcode app.

AlmondTreeResort.com uses a gradient green background, and many enhanced photos to try to capture the elegant beauty of this small but classy resort on Corozal Bay just south of Corozal Town.

BelizeVipAutoRental.com also has a gradient background, and it demonstrates the mobile-friendly quality of all our websites. They look best in a desktop environment, but they adapt well to smaller screens, like on smartphones.

Belize4MileMarina.com has a gradient background with orchid overlay behind the menu on the left. The site, a marina development at the entrance to the Four Mile Lagoon, has a parcel map with pop-ups to show the dimensions of properties available. It also has a Google locator map and galleries.

BelizeTransfers.com features custom text shadows, a site icon, multi-level menus, and an image map with clickable areas for maps of the districts of Belize.

CapitalFactory.bz has a multi-level menu, a special panoramic view of the factory on the home page, custom icons, and a special font in header images.

CaveTubing.bz has custom graphic headers, random graphic links to parts of the website in the right column, an animated gif link in the left column, an image map with links to district maps of Belize, a Trip Advisor widget, and other custom features.

CerrosSands.com has a custom font for headings, news about Belize, random images and testimonials that link to additional information, a real estate database, and a parcel map with links to parcel data. It is a large, attractive site that has lots of info.

ContourCP.com is a businesslike website for a Corozal company that makes cement products. The page and heading backgrounds give a solid feeling to the website. Galleries show the many decorative and useful products that are available.

CopperHorseInn.com is a simple but effective website for an inn, restaurant, and bar located at the north end of Corozal Town on the Corozal Bay.

Corozal.bz (this website) is our business-oriented sister site to Corozal.com. It includes a Directory of businesses and services in the Corozal District, Real Estate available in the district, and Websitos (smaller websites that are part of Corozal.bz).

Corozal.com is our oldest and our flagship website. It is one of the largest in Belize, with several hundred pages. It is the best known community website for the Corozal District. It includes an events calendar, latest news, banner ads, and many other features.

CorozoBlues.com reflects the beauty of this fine restaurant, bar, and day resort. The menu background details the excellent stonework, and the header and footer remind us of the beautiful Corozal Bay. As with most of our sites, it includes a pop-up Google locator map to show you exactly where it is.

DWGphotography.com is a website to showcase the work of Debra Wilkes Gray, a professional photographer in Corozal. The site includes a custom logo and header font, and distinctive graphic styling, as well as a gallery of pop-up photo images with watermarks.

Mirador.bz has a custom photo header, distinctive site icon, an image map with pop-up maps for the districts of Belize, a multi-level menu, and other features.

SerenitySands.com is a resort website with a sandy background, custom heading font with graphic background, rounded-corner images, custom list icon, embedded Reservation/Credit Card form, embedded Google Maps with directions to the resort, embedded time and weather, and other premium features.

TABuilders.bz has a custom grid and icon background, random image/link header, custom heading font, custom logo and list bullets, and lots of photos of construction progress in galleries. It also has a custom embedded Google Map with directions to Orchid Bay, and a custom email contact form.

Tradewinds.bz uses actual old explorers' maps as backgrounds for the header, main menu, and headings. Some of them even have arrows representing tradewinds. It has an interactive Calendar of Events and Specials to highlight upcoming attractions to the restaurant and bar. It has a custom embedded Google Map with directions to Orchid Bay, and a custom email contact form.

We are adding websites today. Check back a little later for more.

For information about these websites, or if you would like to explore having us do one for you, please contact Jan or Judy Wilson in Corozal, 422-2646, or you can use our Contact Form, or email us at:
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