Making the Most of Email

Email is one of the oldest ways of communicating on the Internet, and that shows. It is mostly insecure, subject to Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE, or spam), and other limitations. But it’s still useful, because not everyone has something like a Facebook account, and it’s often just easier to communicate via email.

Because of the problem with spam, you’ll want to use an email provider who handles a lot of email. That way you can take advantage of spam filters that protect you from the vast majority of spam. Most of these can either be used with your web browser, online, or with an email program like Outlook or Thunderbird.

Selecting an Email Address

If you are going to use your email address for a business or organization, you should choose it carefully. Look at the following email addresses and decide which enhance your business image and which detract from it. None of these are real email addresses.

Email Providers

Here is some commonly used email providers. There are many others. Some are free, and some have a (usually small) cost.

Contacting Us

We pay GoDaddy to allow us to use our own domain name. this gives us easy-to-remember email addresses while still allowing us good protection against spam.