ITVET Cosmetology

Cosmetology (beauty culture) offers the opportunity for a lifetime career in one of our largest and most respectable industries. After completing a comparatively short training period, trainees will be prepared to embark upon a career that can offer a good income for an entire working life.

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The opportunities available are far grater in the field of cosmetology than in other field comparable in preparation time and expense. Cosmetology offers a lucrative, exciting and growth-field future for the alert and ambitious individual. Furthermore, the practice of cosmetology offers the rare opportunity for a career filled with personal pleasure and satisfaction. It appeals to the artistic and esthetic needs of the cosmetologist. It encourages the free exercise of his or her personal talent and ability. And, most importantly, it combines job satisfaction with financial stability.
The future for the cosmetology industry appears to be most promising. New techniques, new products, and new opportunities appear everyday. The number of patrons who visit beauty salons and the amount of money they spend for the services are constantly increasing.

Cosmetology Course Outline

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