JW Designs

JW Designs is a subsidiary of Linux.bz, the people who do these websites! I, Judy Wilson, in addition to having a great time doing things for our websites, also restore old photographs and tint them if desired. This page has some examples of my work from years past.

This page is several years old, and will be updated when I can make time for it!

This is a photograph of my husband, Jan, when he was about 9 years old, in 1953. It was the first photo I ever color tinted! At that time I was using Coral PhotoPaint. I used a tutorial I found on the web and struggled and struggled. I've learned a lot since then!

This is the photo I used when I was learning to tint. It was real challenge doing each Easter egg separately. I love the results (upper right)!

I had a customer whose mother died, and they had no pictures of his parents together. On the left is the photograph he brought me with his parents on each side of the bride and groom. The final copy on the right was printed 8 X 10 and hangs in the living room of my friend in a big elegant frame.
This photograph is the mother and little sisters of a man who wasn't even born at this time! Part of the face was missing and it was tricky replacing it, and getting the coloring right because of the light. The original was large, and most of the picture was intact, so besides the face it just needed spot restoring, except for reconstructing the lattice on the right!
A customer had a photograph of her cousin when she was little, but she was blocked by a boy in front. It's the only photograph that exists of her when she was very young. So I managed to remove the boy, and I color tinted it, keeping in the flowers to give it a little more color. Click on it to see the results.

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