Gardening Supplies



Veterinary Products

Flower and Vegetable Seeds (All Types)

We have flower and vegetable seeds of all types. In Belize our weather is good year round for growing, so you can always have fresh vegetables and fruit, and your garden can alway be a colorful wonderland.

Swimming Pool Supplies (Free Advice)

Water Tanks (antibacterial interior)

450 L (liters), 750 L, 1100 L, 2500 L, 5000 L, 10,000 L

Septic Tanks (Star 1-2 modules)

Truck and Bus Tires

Maxxis and Sakura Tires

For light trucks, SUVs, and pick-ups. Receive a 5% discount with the purchase of a second tire, and a 10% discount with the purchase of 4 tires. We also have lubricants for maintenance of your tires.