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The listings below are real estate properties for rent or sale in the Corozal District. There are other properties for sale or rent by real estate agents or property managers listed in our directory under the category Services/Realtors.

Note: from the U.S., first dial 011-501 and then the number listed below.

South End, Ferry Road, Lots

Cell: (US) 541-852-8467 or 541-844-4478 Email

Only two are remaining — the rest have been sold. Don't miss this great opportunity!

lot # 983: lot is filled approx. 150’, lot size 72' x 274'.
purchase price: $23,900.

Lot #980 Not filled, savanna grass area
Purchase Price: $17,900

In the US call: 541-852-8467 or 541-844-4478
(you may need a prefix if not calling from the US)
Or Email

We will refer to someone in Belize who can help you.

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