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The listings below are real estate properties for rent or sale in the Corozal District. There are other properties for sale or rent by real estate agents or property managers listed in our directory under the category Services/Realtors.

Note: from the U.S., first dial 011-501 and then the number listed below.

Corozal Town, Coral Cottages

Cell: 501-651-7437

At Coral Cottages we have the perfect place for your short term or long term stay in Corozal Town. And our location is great, you can walk almost anywhere you want to go in town!

Long term rentals are most welcome for the two indentical in size and layout cottages, the Hummingbird and the Orchid.

Below are images of the bathroom, the livingroom/kitchen for the cottages and the gardens.

Our Cottage long term rate is $40 US per day and includes all utilities with 24/7 wifi and weekly housekeeping.

All accommodations are in town and gated with 24/7 on-site presence!

You will find more details and booking availability by clicking on images below:

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Our location can be found on the google map below:

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