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This has been the sister site to Corozal.com. At the end of October 2023, all the listings here will disappear. Some of the Websitos will remain, and some of our listings may decide to convert to Websitos on Corozal.bz, at a cost of Bz$50 per year. If you are interested, contact us at


The main feature is our Listings. We have about 500 businesses, organizations, and informational items that pertain to the Corozal District of Belize. You can search for them by category, or by the first letter of their name.

Where possible, we have included a Google map or other information about how to contact them. We include information for legitimate Corozal District businesses and organizations for free. For those who want to market their products or services, we can enhance your listing for a small fee. See our JWebs.bz page for more information.

Note: We used to include real estate in a separate section. Now realtors and real estate properties are in the regular Listings section. See either Realtors or Real Estate depending on whether you prefer to go through a real estate broker or perhaps buy or rent from an individual.


We are also the home to what we call Websitos. These are small websites who share our Corozal.bz domain name. You’ll find them listed on the menu on the left on the left at the bottom at the bottom of the page.

Contact Us

To correct a listing, to add a listing, or to inquire about anything, please see our Contact Us page.

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