Grill on the Hill

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Grill on the Hill
College Road, 3rd St South
Corozal Town


Rene Cocom’s Grill on the Hill specializes in Jerked and Regular BBQ Chicken and Pork, Grilled Chicken Pollo Brujo Style, and other grill delicacies.

Rene is a grill-master. He loves to BBQ. He has combined several spices and other ingredients to give grilled food a different flavor. The Grilled Chicken Pollo Brujo Style is marinated with a special combination of local ingredients and is served with beans, purple onion sauce and a fresh tomatoes, cilantro and onion blend and flour tortillas which makes it a very healthy meal. The Jerked Pork — spicy blend of jerk and other spices is the most mouth watering BBQ you’ll taste. The BBQ Chicken is uniquely seasoned. The traditional BBQ you find in Corozal is nothing close to our BBQ Chicken. And our cole slaw is unique!

Here are some recent postings, but please check our Facebook Page for the most recent information. The Grill on the Hill usually operates two Saturdays each month.


Grill delicacies in Corozal Town, Belize.

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