Fax from Corozal

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Fax from Corozal
Corozal District


There are still some businesses or government agencies that require information to be sent by FAX. This is difficult because very few people in Corozal still have FAX machines. While several businesses including BTL used to provide this service, we know of no one in the Corozal District who still does.

If you happen to have a multifunction printer and a landline, you might be able to set it up to send a FAX.

Several people have said they had good luck with this FAX service. You can download an app to scan the document from your iPhone or Android, then another app to send it to its destination. The service is called Genius Fax and you can give it a try. The cost is US 99¢ a page, not including the cover page. If you get credits for 10-50 it will cost US 69¢ a page.

There are other similar services available. Some offer the first few faxes as a free trial, then charge for additional ones.


Information about FAXing from Corozal, Belize.

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