A & R Seasonal Items

A & R has seasonal items for many of the holiday and special event times of the year. Here are some examples.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and it’s a great way to express love to those important in your life. A&R has a wide variety of gifts, decorations, and expressions of appreciation for the many people you’d like to let know how you feel about them! These images are from the Corozal A&R branch.


These pictures are just a fraction of the Christmas and New Year items available at A & R. They have gifts for every one, decorations for every where, and something to enjoy every day! When you walk in the doors it’s a Christmas wonderland! You have to visit to appreciate it.

You can also check out the A & R Facebook Page  promomoting the franchise country wide.


If you love Halloween, you must check out the shelves and shelves of items at A & R this year! Almost any item you can image is available, costumes, decorations for house and home, inside and out. You have to visit to see! We have a few images taken at the Corozal A & R.


It seems that as soon as the school year ended, stores were advertising “Back to School” supplies. Well the primary kids still have a month of holiday. So go upstairs at A & R to find fun things to help them enjoy the days they have left!

Mother’s Day

Don’t forget the most important lady in your life, your mother. And anyone who has been like a mother to you. A & R has literally hundreds of items to make her day happy. Only a few are pictured here. They even have gifts already selected and wrapped. You have to visit A & R to see the variety.