Belize Diabetes Association, Corozal Branch

You may call it diabetes or even just sugar in Belize. But it’s one of our biggest medical problems. And the Corozal District is no exception.

This website is to focus on educational information about diabetes in the Corozal District, and as a resource for diabetics and the people trying to help us.

This page is just a quick summary. You may also want to look at the following pages:

  • Medical Information — What the disease is, and how it’s treated.
  • Diet — Tips on how to eat a healthy diet for managing our diabetes.
  • Lifestyle — In addition to diet, lifestyle choices including exercise are critical.
  • Addiction — Some of the ways addiction, to food or other things, can interfere with diabetes treatment.
  • Resources — Links, with comments, to other sources that may be helpful.
  •  Our Facebook Group — Please visit and ask to join our Facebook Group, where Corozal diabetics and our friends can help us to deal with diabetes in Corozal.
  • or email us

You should also visit our office across from A&R, at #42 4th Ave in Corozal town:


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