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Cell number 665-3885 Marlon Aldana

You can find them at the border in the parking lot.

The Wash Spot is an innovative idea that makes it possible for you to get your vehicle cleaned and detailed while you go about your business. Call us and we will come to you!

In addition to cleaning vehicles, we have other services available for your car, waxing, an engine wash, an oil bath, tinting, and seat cleaning.

Additionally, we do carpet cleaning for homes and power washing for homes and driveways.

We bought a 1996 RAV4 in 2009. The inside was not so nice, though not actually torn up. I paid another company $100 to clean the inside. Then in 2011 I met The Wash Spot folks! They told me they could make the inside of my car look like new. I did not believe them. They were right! The upholstery that looked faded to me was only dirty! They took everything out of the car, took the covers off the seats and cleaned them, along with everything else! And then inside now looked great! When the folks at The Wash Spot clean my car, there will often be someone who sees me in the car and says, "New car?". I say, "No, just the magic done by the guys at The Wash Spot!"

— Judy Wilson

Here is a gallery of pictures of the cleaning process.

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And here is the shiny finished product!

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