Marage Shipping and Trucking Service

Important Note:

The business in Los Angeles is now being handled by Reynolds Shipping. The receiving and delivering operation here in Belize is still Marage Shipping and Trucking Service.


January 14, 2017

Happy New Year! The business is back in full swing in Los Angeles now. You may send your orders, and the next shipment is scheduled to leave on January 23. It will leave earlier if it is full. Thanks for your support in 2016 and we look forward to serving you in 2017!

Thank you for making 2016 a good year for Reynolds Shipping in Los Angeles and for Marage Shipping in Belize. We look forward to serving you in the coming year.

For any questions about your merchandise arriving in Corozal or delivery, please call Clifford at 624-2654.

We need the information from your invoices for the inventory list for customs at least a week before the container arrives, so please get them to us as soon as possible after you have ordered them. Thank you for your cooperation! If you do not have a printer, you can email your invoices to a place that does printing, and they will print them and you can pick them up and pay a fee for it. If you want to be on the mailing list, send your name and email address to Email

We have a big mailbox out front for you to drop off your invoices, in case we are not home. Please continue to use the old location mailbox though pick-up is at the new place in Hall's Layout. Locator maps on this page below.

For your convenience, if you live in Consejo, you can put your invoices in Rose Gardner's mailbox.

Mailing list for notifications: At times during the year, it may be necessary to suspend receiving packages for a period of time, and we are sorry for the inconvenience. We will, of course post that on our webpage here, but if you would like to be put on a mailing list to receive an email notification of such times, please send your name and email address to Email. We will also send you an email when the next shipping date will be as soon as we know. We will send you verification that you are on the list. Please note that this email address is not for sending information or questions about shipping. The email address to use for that is Email.

Please note: The $1.25 per pound for shipping DOES NOT include taxes and duty, which are added to the per pound cost. The duty on electronic products is 35% of the cost of the item, so be prepared for that when your shipment arrives. And please have your invoices to Marage before the shipment is due.

Marage Shipping and Trucking Service, owned and managed by Clifford and Dorla Marage, has over 20 years of experience with providing reliable, affordable shipping from the United States to Belize.

Located in Corozal Town, they will transport cars, boats, household goods, commercial goods, and almost anything you can imagine. They give personal care to your goods, and will deliver them to your home or place of business in Belize.

Click for a locator map of where to drop off invoices.
Click for a locator map of where to pick up packages in Hall's Layout

Someone put a Marage Shipping name on College Road on this map. That is not correct. You turn left onto that street and go to where the brown icon is the truck, you'll see all the trucks.

Here is information about how you can get your goods shipped by this great company. Use this address:

(Your Name) c/o Reynolds Shipping | 3720 South Normandie, Apt 3 | Los Angeles, CA 90007-4257

Phone Numbers

When shipments are due in Belize, for detailed information about YOUR package or delivery, please call Clifford at 624-2654. Thanks!

We are attempting to keep the shipment dates updated on this webpage, so check back often for current information.

Thank you for your patience and your patronage.

— Clifford, Dorla, and Brinston Marage

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